What is Chiropractic Massage Therapy?

Do you have lower back pain or muscle tension? If so, it may be time for professional massage therapy. When you visit Bonney Lake Chiropractic and Massage, you are taking the first step in having regular pain management and relief. Dr. Scott Sheridan is an experienced chiropractor who understands chiropractic massage techniques that can improve your overall health and comfort.

What Type of Massage Can I Get from a Chiropractor?

When you need massage therapy in Bonney Lake, WA, Dr. Sheridan has many options for you. Sit back and enjoy sports, Swedish, prenatal, deep tissue, or a relaxation massage. Swedish and deep tissue massage are known for the deeper pressure they use. If you have muscle tension in the hard-to-reach lower layers, Dr. Sheridan may recommend these techniques. 

Dr. Sheridan also understands the stress that expectant mothers’ bodies undergo. That's why he offers prenatal massage with proper cushioning and pillows to support the mother and the baby. This massage often focuses on the pregnant woman’s feet and back. As an expectant mother’s belly grows, it can place more weight and strain on her extremities which show up in cramps or swollen ankles. A gentle massage can help ease her body.

What Are the Benefits of This Therapy? 

There are many benefits to regular massages. These techniques work to ease muscle tension and pain. You may need a relaxation massage to reduce stress and sleep better at night. Or you may be an extremely active person who can benefit from targeted sports massages. A chiropractor knows how to blend the right massage techniques with chiropractic care. After all, when the soft tissue is relaxed, it can make a chiropractor’s job of aligning your spine easier.

Thanks to the improvement in blood flow, you may find that massages can help you manage your blood pressure as well as inflammatory diseases like different kinds of arthritis. A chiropractic massage can also help with pinched nerves. Reducing soft tissue tension while easing a bulging disc back in place can reduce the compression on a nerve’s roots.

While a massage at a spa can relax you, there's nothing like getting one from a professional chiropractic office. Dr. Sheridan and his staff at Bonney Lake Chiropractic and Massage are trained in using massage to ease various problems ranging from head to foot pain. When you are ready for massage therapy in Bonney Lake, WA, call our office at 253-862-6662.


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